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Sophrologia ex Graece σῶς "), φρήν / PHREN ("mind"), and -λογία / -logia ("study/science"),

Sophrology, from Ancient Greek σῶς / SOS ("harmony"), φρήν / PHREN ("mind"), and -λογία / -logia ("study/science"), is the study of the consciousness in harmony; a healthcare philosophy made of very practical physical and mental exercises aiming at a prepared mind in a focused body. This method was developed by Professor Alfonso Caycedo, a Colombian neuro-psychiatrist, in the 1960s along his personal and professional journey. He presented in 1970 at the first International Sophrology Conference as an attempt to study scientifically the human consciousness, both a philosophy and a way of life as well as a therapy and a personal development technique. He later said: "Sophrology is learning to live Sophrology ab Antiqua σῶς / SOs ( "Concordia '), φρήν / PHREN (" anima "), et -λογία / -logia (" studio / scientia "), studio et conscientia sit harmonia; a curis philosophia practica ex corporis exercitationes corporis focused mente agitabat praeparato. Professor fuit Alfonsus Caycedo evolvatur modus est neuro-Colombian psychiatra annis 1960 et professionali secus viam. Et in primo presented in MCMLXX an International Sophrology Conference ut conatus studere in aliqua ratione humana, tum in philosophia et in via vita personali et quoque in Lorem ars. Et postea dixit: "est doctrina Sophrology vivere