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Now, I know what you are thinking[recensere]

You are thinking "Oh Minimez! Why did they take something like Uncyclopedia and translate it into Latin! What is the point!? No one even speaks Latin anymore!"

To which I reply "SHUT UP! The reason for a Latin language Uncyclopedia is simple, Latin is cool, end of story. Plus, anything in Latin is automatically smart, so now matter how stupid you are being, if you are being stupid in Latin, it is automatically smart."

Plus we are not a point for point Latin version of Uncyclopedia, for instance, we tend to not quote Oscar Wilde often, we prefer to quote Catullus, seeing how he is far more classically oriented, he fits more in with us around here.

However Uncyclopedia has a lot of good ideas, so please read these:

Beginner's Guide to Being an Uncyclopedian

How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid

Don't be Stupid

Seriously though, Latin isn't dead[recensere]

Latin is not a dead language, it is a zombie language, it eternally walks the earth soullessly feeding on the brains of lesser puny languages, however it is not rotting, zombies don't rot, that is merely an ethnic stereotype.

The going ons[recensere]

We have a few rules which must be held in the highest respect by all here, or you could be blocked, permanently, out crack team of administrating gurus take a sick pleasure in banning people, you will be no exception.

Be funny[recensere]

This is not a bannable offense (not being funny), but this is supposed to be a humor site, so please try to be humorous.

Use real Latin[recensere]

Before any problems come up with this, don't use Pig Latin around here (unless there is special circumstance where it is deemed to be genuinely funny), just don't, it usually isn't funny, this place is for classicists who want to be stupid, not for stupid people who want to prove just how stupid they are.

Pop Culture references in Latin are funny[recensere]

They are, it's just true, it doesn't get much better than "Odobenus sum," "Miseret me fatui," or "Nemo Inquisitio Hispanica exspectat," I mean, that shit is hilarious.

What goes on here[recensere]

Not much unfortunately, we are working on it though.

What Latin?[recensere]

For the simplicity of it all, Classical Latin, or old Latin, can be used. Avoid any other sorts of Latin such as Catholic, Ecclesiatal, Dog, Pig, Grandma, and Zombie Latin. Classical and Old Latin contain a good amount of literature and if you ever learned Latin chances are you probably learned Classical Latin.

Latin knowledge requirements[recensere]

In order to write articles here, you don't have to be a level 10 Latin Wizard, that would help, but it is more important how well you know what you know, you know what I mean? You don't have to know how to form a gerund, a supine, or a passive periphrastic, you just have to know enough Latin to be a.) understandable and far more importantly b.) funny.